PhotoForum Fundraising Auction

PhotoForum is holding a fundraising print auction at Webb’s, 18 Manukau Rd, Newmarket, Auckland at 7pm on 21 April 2009. The auction features both contemporary and historical works, you can view the online catalogue here.

This auction was instigated specifically to raise money for our ongoing programme of publishing, exhibitions and other activities. Conceived on a more modest scale originally, it has grown through the generous support of all contributors into something much more exciting and intriguing.

With such a wealth of exciting contributions on offer (from over 50 photographers), this auction promises to be a lively social event for photographers and their audience to meet in person. Contemporary works include offerings by Marti Friedlander, Ans Westra, Joyce Campbell, Mark Adams, Harvey Benge, Darren Glass and many more. These are supplemented by a selection of unmounted vintage 19th & 20th century photographs and a few exhibition quality reprints of major New Zealand pioneer images by photographers such as Burton Bros, and Tyree.

We are particularly grateful to Webb’s for hosting this auction and the pre-auction display because it was Peter Webb, always the visionary, who was the auctioneer for PhotoForum’s first professional auction, held 30 years ago, on 28 April 1978

Auctions, with their distinct air of unpredictability, are always fascinating. So please take this opportunity to hunt for potential bargains, support your favourite photographer, and help PhotoForum’s promotion of fine New Zealand photography all at the same time.

Child by Abby Storey 2006/2008. Archival inkjet print on Hahnemuhle Cotton Rag.


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