‘Glimpse’ exhibition: Barbara Cope & Diane Halstead

Images by: (above) Barbara Cope, (right) Di Halstead

13th April – 1st May 2010                                                                                                                                   Satellite Gallery, cnr St Benedicts St & Newton Rd, Newton, Auckland

‘Glimpse’ is an exhibition exploring personal notions of the transience of life and the ephemera of forgotten histories.

Barbara Cope has, in her art practice examined concepts relating to fragility, ageing, mortality and personal histories, often presenting these ideas in sensual photographic imagery. Cope’s work is influenced by early twentieth century New Zealand colonial photography and incorporates elements of dance, movement and theatre.

Di Halstead is intrigued with the ephemera of daily life in the first half of twentieth century New Zealand. This project explores history and nostalgia and seeks to capture a sense of where Pakeha New Zealanders as a people have come from. Her work is in part about understanding how it was for those who came before, and also what kind of people their descendants are. Halstead uses the often forgotten fabrics, patterns and everyday objects of the era, with the intention of showing that these embody a part of New Zealand’s cultural heritage and sense of self.


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