Book review: ‘A man walks out of a bar…’ Lucien Rizos

Peter Ireland’s S’KITE Blog is well worth visiting on a regular basis for reviews and articles principally relating to photography. Below is his comprehensive review of the 2011 publication A man walks out of a bar… by Lucien Rizos.

Of note also, is that this book was supported by PhotoForum Inc. and distributed to members as part of that year’s subscription entitlement.


Lucien Rizos,  A man walks out of a bar… Rim Books, Auckland, in association with PhotoForum Inc., 2011, with essays by Damian Skinner and Ian Wedde, $45.

When encountering an unknown name for the first time, legendary founding editor of the New Yorker, Harold Ross, used to ask “Who he?”. The same question might be asked of Lucien Rizos on the appearance of his first body of work between hard covers. His name appears in neither John B Turner & William Main’s 1993 New Zealand Photography from the 1840s to the present nor David Eggleton’s 2006  Into the Light: a history of New Zealand photography. But he’s been around for over thirty years, haunting the margins of the medium’s practice, a bit of a pioneer in terms of his approach to photography and film, a photographer’s photographer, with not much desire in him to hog any limelight. Pretty fatal these days when profile is at least fifty percent of the game.
Read the full review HERE



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