Harvey Benge: Four Parts Religion Six Parts Sin – 20 years on…

‘In 1993 the Auckland based photography collective PhotoForum published my first photobook. I called the book Four Parts Religion Six Parts Sin. The title came from a song played by Texas rocker Jimmy LaFave. I’d heard him perform at Auckland’s notorious Glue Pot pub and music venue, long since demolished. Jimmy said this – Let it out baby stir it up and mix it in. Two parts religion and three parts sin. It’s the truth or consequences because the new king reigns, and desperate men do desperate things. I can’t remember now why I changed the number of parts.

I’ve just discovered a few remaining copies of the book deep in my archive. To celebrate the passage of twenty years and many photobooks in between, I’m offering 10 copies which I will sign and number. The book has 84 pages with 74 photographs.’ Harvey Benge, blog post 17/08/13.

Copies can be obtained directly from: harvey.benge@xtra.co.nz
A selection of images from the publication can be viewed HERE



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