Greta Anderson Day for night, Ngahue Cresent (Hydrangea), 2013


Laurence Aberhart Greta Anderson Wayne Barrar Janet Bayly Andrew Beck Gary Blackman Rhondda Bosworth Joyce Campbell Ben Cauchi Max Coolahan [1918-1985] Lisa Crowley Derek Henderson Frank Hofmann [1916-1989] John Johns [1924-1999] Ian Macdonald Anne Noble Richard Orjis Fiona Pardington Peter Peryer Haruhiko Sameshima C. Brian Smith

An exhibition from McNamara Gallery Photography

February 12 – March 21
10 am – 3 pm Wednesday – Friday
Hosted by Maggie Barry ONZM, MP for North Shore
Bowen House Exhibition Space at Parliament, 70/84 Lambton Quay, Wellington

Art focus tours at Parliament are scheduled during the Festival of the Arts in Wellington
at 1.30pm on 24/25/26/27 February. Bookings are required. The tours will visit the Flora Photographica Aotearoa exhibition and other areas in the Parliamentary precinct to view art from the Parliamentary Collection. For more information email Art@parliament.govt.nz

May 24 – June 12
Depot Artspace, Devonport, Auckland
Guest speaker: Saturday 31st May at 2pm, Ann Elias, Associate Professor, Sydney College of the Arts, The University of Sydney

June 20 – July – August 29
McNamara Gallery Photography, Wanganui

‘Flowers, in art, are usually less innocent and more complicated than might be imagined…’ [1]
They ‘…are privileged objects of the imagination not because they are the most beautiful but because they are the most imaginable.’ [2]. From its beginning photography has engaged with science and developed a special relationship with flower motifs. Images of the great variety of different plant and flower species serve as a ‘substitute’ for the traditional herbarium.

Photographers’ frame our indigenous and exotic botanical world, depicting isolated specimens or plant groupings, both arranged and in the natural environment. Repeating themes are formalism, repetition, lyricism, symbolism and metaphor; including subjects anthropomorphized through photography, and traditional notions associated with the flower as a marker for the transience, ambivalence and beauty of human existence. Expanding this aspect ‘…the uncompromised beauty of the flowers, which never perishes, their concept and identity as objects of beauty remain intact, eternal, despite their imminent fate.’ [3].

In this changing world, our physical co-dependence on plants, and their environment, is becoming increasingly evident; emphasizing the connectedness of all things.

[1] Elaine Scarry, ‘Imagining Flowers: Perceptual mimesis (particularly delphinium)’, Representations, No.57,
Winter 1997, p 94

[2] Andrew Graham-Dixon, The Independent, 1992

[3] Jiang Zhi, ‘Love Letters’ photography-now.com 31.5,12

McNAMARA GALLERY Photography Ltd
190 Wicksteed St. WHANGANUI 4500

Tuesday / Wednesday – Saturday 11 – 3 [often open to 6] or by appointment
* Please check website INFORMATION page for occasional closed days due to travel commitments
06 348 7320 / 027 249 8059 mcnamaraphotogal@xtra.co.nz

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