Jocelyn Carlin, photographer, 1955 – 2017

It is with great sadness that we learn that our good friend and colleague, Jocelyn Carlin has died after a long illness.

Jocelyn was for many years a valued member of PhotoForum, as a subscriber, exhibitor and organiser, since the formation of PhotoForum/Wellington in 1976.

Among many other things, she helped to organize the exhibitions ‘Open the Shutter’ in 1994 and ‘Currency’ in 1995 at the Auckland War Memorial Museum, the New Zealand lecture tour by UK photographer David Hurn in 1996, and Wellington’s FotoFest in 1998.

We were pleased to include several of Jocelyn’s pictures in the 2014 survey publication PhotoForum at 40, and she generously supplied a lot of carefully preserved archival material for that book and the associated touring exhibition.

We were privileged to support the 2016 publication of her book, ‘Every Picture Tells a Story’, designated as PhotoForum issue number 85. A unique and wonderful book that charts a working photographer’s voice and career in an elegant and informative way, we were delighted to be able to support it, as Jocelyn generously supported the work of so many others over the years.

Rest in peace Jocelyn.

Geoffrey H.Short
PhotoForum Director

Funeral notice


One thought on “Jocelyn Carlin, photographer, 1955 – 2017

  1. At the New Zealand Photobook symposium held at Wellington, I deliberately spoke at length about Jocelyn’s wonderful small book The Beach (1999) which also has a terrific essay by Lloyd Jones. That book may be tiny in physical scale but it is huge to me in its implications for how we feel about our relationships with the shoreline.

    I pointed out to the crowd of artists and writers gathered at Massey University that Jocelyn had an exceptional eye for suggesting amazing and, often, humorous narratives in what appeared to be spontaneous shots. They never were chanced upon but caught with her incisive skill at seemingly being able to visually predict truly memorable images.

    Jocelyn was a brave and exceptional artist. Especially in the last while. When I worked with her on the exhibition Open the Shutter in 1994, I recognized that she had an especial empathy both for, and with, others. All her photographs testify to this fact.

    Jocelyn’s Every Picture Tells a Story is one of my favorite New Zealand photo-books. It has many layers and subtleties; and it is a superb achievement that shows how significant she was for camerawork in this country.

    Ron Brownson
    Senior Curator, New Zealand and Pacific Art
    Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki


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