St Paul ST Gallery: ‘We Are Changing’ group exhibition

Four photographers from the 2013 Kingsize scholarship class have an exhibition opening next Monday (June 16, 5pm) at St Paul ST Gallery. Here’s their invite. Please feel welcome to join them there.
Kingsize group show


Capture Photoblog: ‘PhotoForum at 40’ by Jonathan Ganley

Posted online at Public Address / Capture photoblog is this comprehensive article by Jonathan Ganley, about the publication PhotoForum at 4o.

Cover image: Shrouds. Photograph by Barney Brewster

PhotoForum at 40
by Jonathan Ganley

The forthcoming Rim Books publication of PhotoForum at 40: Counterculture, Clusters, and Debate in New Zealand will mark forty years since PhotoForum was founded. Perhaps the society no longer has the profile it enjoyed in its first ten years, when it published a bi-monthly magazine, but PhotoForum is still going strong. There is a comprehensive website, and frequent exhibitions. Books and periodicals continue to be produced with the highest possible production values, a goal that was aimed for but not always achieved when the magazine was in its 1970s heyday.

The quality will be evident when the printed copies of PhotoForum at 40 become available in late June. The 300-page book contains an impressive mix of history, photographs, documents, correspondence, interviews and cultural commentary. It also includes a chronology of New Zealand photography from 1950 to 2014, corresponding with a chronology of PhotoForum publications, exhibitions and activities.

To complement the book and the 40th anniversary, a Pecha Kucha night of artists’ talks will be held at Q Theatre from 7:30pm on Wednesday June 4. History in the Taking, an exhibition of selected photographs and ephemera, will be held at the Gus Fisher Gallery, in conjunction with the Auckland Festival of Photography, opening on June 6 and running for the rest of the month.

With these forthcoming events, the time seemed right to examine the legacy of the society, its present activities and future plans, with Nina Seja, the book’s author, and Geoffrey H. Short, the current director of PhotoForum and co-curator with Seja of the exhibition. Read the full article HERE

Capture photoblog

nkb Gallery, Mt Eden: Becky Nunes



Becky Nunes: Co-Orbital
03 – 24 June 2014
Preview: Tues 03 June, 6pm  (Part of Auckland Festival of Photography’s ‘Festival Tuesday’)
Artist Talk: Sat 7 June 3pm

The concept of tapu is one that can easily be relegated to historical or religious spheres of interest, as if a sacred state cannot co-exist with our modern daily life.

States of tapu and noa (the sacred and the earthly) are not side-notes to our lives however. Knowingly or unknowingly we can breach the fragile covenants that exist in human relations and between humans and the natural and spiritual world. These breaches might occur at a personal level, or on a more global and ecological one. Read more HERE

nkb Gallery
455 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland
Gallery hours: Mon 10am – 4pm, Tues to Fri 10am to 6pm, Sat 10am – 4pm



Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland: Christine Webster

Christine Webster_ Therapies_Gus Fisher Gallery

Therapies: new photography by Christine Webster

9 May – 3 June 2014
Gallery One – Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland
In conjunction with Milford Galleries, Dunedin and the Auckland Festival of Photography

Saturday 31 May, 1pm:  Visual culture expert Dr Sandy Callister is in conversation with photographer Christine Webster about her images of the crone in Therapies.

Christine Webster’s photography gets under the skin with its unsettling beauty and unnerving, direct gaze at subjects usually left in the dark. For over 35 years, her work has examined the way in which the female body has been constructed historically. In Therapies, she re-imagines the age of the crone, barren in body and pushed to the outskirts of a society that worships youth and beauty. In these recent photographs made in England, she has produced a sequence of images which evoke powerlessness, anguish and desolate beauty.

With tacit acknowledgement of the traditions of the English Romantic landscape, Webster sets her figures in a bleak world of bare trees, chill earth and oppressive skies. She writes: “Therapies places the subjects in, and alongside, a landscape which is not fecund and burgeoning with ampleness, but instead scarce, bleak and pared back to the essential dirt and mud”.

Christine Webster’s photographs, with their uneasy subject matter and lush production qualities, confront the viewer with their striking juxtapositions. Rich, textured interiors and stark, monochromatic exteriors mirror the tensions inherent in the minds and bodies of her subjects. The complex narratives in the 57 photographs which make up Therapies invite considered contemplation.

Gus Fisher Gallery
The Kenneth Myers Centre
74 Shortland St
Auckland, New Zealand
Telephone: +64 9 923 6646

Gallery Hours
Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday 12pm-4pm
Closed public holidays


Matakana Images Group: 2014 exhibition

Matakana 2014
29 May – 20 June 2014
Opens Friday 30 May, 5pm

Art Matakana
Matakana Country Park, 1151 Leigh Rd, RD5 Matakana
Gallery hours Wed – Sun (10am  to 3.30pm)

Matakana 2014


Matakana Images Group show is back for 2014 as part of the Auckland Festival of Photography. Artists this year are Ian Macdonald, Richard Collins, Richard Smallfield, Di Halstead, Lieve Van den Bosch, Murray Savidan, Maria Krajcirovic, Andrew Martin, Charles Wrigglesworth, Karen Williamson, Sue Hill, Davina Monds, Garry Currin, Barbara Cope.

The exhibition runs from Thurs 29th May to Friday 20th June at Art Matakana. We invite you to our opening event on Friday 30th May at 5pm. On the mezzanine level at Art Matakana.


Artstation Toi Tu: TANGENT collective



Great South Road stretches from central Newmarket to the red soil of the Bombay hills and beyond. Once, this arterial route was the main trunk line out of the city. The road weaves through volcanic cones and inlets, industrial parks, neighbourhoods and Rainbows End.

Moving away from the centre means taking a position on the fringe.
This territory offers complexities and challenges. Photography does not offer truisms or objective realities here; rather a series of fragments, second glances, double takes.

Photographers have been invited by Tangent collective to respond to this territory in ways that reflect their own varied practices.