Black Asterisk – a new exhibition space in Auckland

The love child of artist Stuart Broughton, the Black Asterisk originally started its life as a pop up gallery that had a successful sojourn on Jervois Road in early 2009. Buoyed by the success of creating a temporary exhibition space, motivated by the ongoing frustration of securing suitable temporary venues to show his work, and tempered by a desire to settle down to more permanent exhibiting, led to Broughton taking the plunge into a committed gallery operation. After much searching, finally in the winter of 2011 Broughton found a large, ugly duckling in the form of No. 10 Ponsonby Road to transform. Upon signing the lease, Black Asterisk as a permanent operation became a reality.

Because Black Asterisk aims to be exhibition orientated, its primary mandate is getting a whole lot of very good, largely unseen, reasonably priced art in front of the public and available for sale. There will be a steady rotation of exhibitions; both solo and curated group showings where new artists will have their work hung alongside their more established peers and an exciting programme of original art events. The gallery will offer work at a full range of affordable prices.

A number of exhibitions are currently confirmed or in the planning stage. Appropriately the good ship Black Asterisk will be launched with Broughton’s The Floating which was supposed to have surfaced at a pop up version of Black Asterisk during the 2011 Auckland Festival of Photography, but never quite made it to the walls when two proposed exhibition sites fell over just days before the festival opening. This show will be followed by Annie Get Your Gun – Photographs by Barbara Smith, which recently was a popular fringe exhibition at the Auckland Festival of Photography 2011, and is, the gallery believes, well deserving of a second outing.

The gallery will also operate as an attractive, well-lit event space for launches and art related community events, which will bring the work to an even wider audience. Art works will also be able to be viewed and bought on an online gallery and Black Asterisk will offer a range of other art-associated services from framing to consultancy.

For all enquires & expressions of interest contact:

Stuart Broughton 021 040 1168