Anna Miles Gallery, Auckland: ‘Flying Carpet’ group exhibition

Flying Carpet 

Runs until Saturday 23 December at 3pm.

10/30 Upper Queen Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays 11-3 and/or anytime by appointment (phone 021 471047)

The current exhibition – Flying Carpet is an end of year cornucopia complete with works from 1979 to 2017; vintage photographs, watercolours, jewels made of muka lace, paintings, limited edition artists’ books and agateware teapots. Artists are Adrienne Vaughan, Joanna Campbell & Rowan Panther, Vita Cochran, Octavia Cook, Cat Fooks, Allan McDonald, Solomon Mortimer & Zahra Killeen-Chance, Amelia Pascoe, Lucien Rizos, Kate Small, Richard Stratton, Amber Wilson.

As part of the exhibition we launched Solomon Mortimer and Zahra Killeen-Chance’s new book, Many things were not in the fantasy. Made in Taipei, during Zahra’s residency there earlier this year, the book is pocket size with a discreet navy blue leatherette cover. Set within are 200 pages documenting three years since Mortimer and Killeen-Chance first surveyed their romance in another small book made in Taipei, When the sun sets your eyes change colour (I hope this is true). Many portraits feature, from the tender to the hilarious –  . . . and many dressing gowns.
Available from the Gallery, $50 a copy. To reserve a copy call Anna 021 471047

The exhibition also includes 2 recent Allan McDonald publications, Carbon Empire (2017) and Between the silence and the flame (2016) and  5 vintage photographs from the period of Lucien Rizos’ A man walks out of a bar: New Zealand photographs 1979-1982.

Installation image by Sam Hartnett.

From Many things were not in the fantasy book by Solomon Mortimer & Zahra Killeen-Chance.

From Many things were not in the fantasy book by Solomon Mortimer & Zahra Killeen-Chance.

Installation image by Sam Hartnett (of Lucien Rizos photographic prints).


Image by Lucien Rizos, Cafe Invercargill, 1982.



Anna Miles Gallery: Lucien Rizos – ‘Unposed Portraits’

Lucien Rizos_from Traffic Lights 1981
Lucien Rizos from Traffic Lights, 1981



You are warmly invited to attend the opening of


Sunday 21 June 3-5pm

On exhibition until 25/07/15
Anna Miles Gallery
10/30 Upper Queen St, Auckland, 1010

Lucien Rizos was born in Wellington in 1953 and studied graphic design at Wellington Polytechnic in the early 1970s. Since 1974 he has been a violinist in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. At the beginnings of his musical career, the orchestra regularly toured regional centres nationwide. In 1979, while on tour, Rizos set out to photographically document New Zealand. Thirty years later,  A man walks out of a bar… : New Zealand photographs, 1979-1982, a book that borrows its format from Robert Frank’s 1958, The Americans, was published (Rim Books, 2011).

By 1984, Rizos had rejected what he now describes as his ‘Doco Style’ phase (1976-1983), in favour of more conceptually inclined photographic methods. This exhibition presents Rizos’ new work, Unposed Portraits (2014), telephoto-assisted extreme close-ups of people in vehicles, alongside Traffic Lights (1981), photographs of pedestrians, shot quite literally from the hip, at intersections in Wellington and Auckland.


Rizos from Unposed Portraits 2014
Lucien Rizos from Unposed Portraits, 2014


Contact Sheet from Traffic Lights 1981

Contact sheet from Traffic Lights, 1981

Anna Miles Gallery, Auckland: Chez Karangahape

4.+ Gilbert Melrose, Melrose Photography Shop, Arawa Street, Matamata c. 1970, 2015
Image: Gilbert Melrose, Melrose Photography Shop, Arawa Street, Matamata c. 1970, 2015


Chez Karangahape

26/03/15 — 16/04/15
Anna Miles Gallery

This is the first exhibition to be shown at the Anna Miles Gallery new space at 10/30 Upper Queen St. Featured works include photography by Allan McDonald, Bob and June Raw, Lucien Rizos, Gilbert Melrose, Darren Glass, Solomon Mortimer plus Johanna Pegler’s painting based on a C19th sepia photograph.

10/30 Upper Queen Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays 11-3 & by appointment



Photospace Gallery, Wellington: current and upcoming exhibitions

Here’s an update and invite from Photospace Gallery:

You’re invited to the opening of two new exhibitions: Alan Wylde’s Common Cause and Audrey Periot’s Bedroom Portraits, on Friday evening, 2nd May, between 5pm and 7pm. There will also be a showing of Lucien Rizos’ film GDBY PK P 2013, a reworking of the Geoff Murphy classic Goodbye Pork Pie, running in the studio.

At present we have the exhibition Onslow College Sports Day 1967,  which runs until Tuesday afternoon, 29th April (slightly extended). While we’ve had a great many visitors who have a connection with the school in that time period, I would like to see more viewers enjoying the exhibition for its photographic merits. It is a really lovely show.

Currently, there’s also a pretty nice exhibition of gallery stock (secondary sales, mainly), including photographs by Gary Baigent, Peter Black, Gillian Chaplin, John Daley, John B. Turner, John R Grimes (US) and Edward Nellis (US). Lucien Rizos’s Fringes and Backgrounds is also showing, with GDBY PK P 2013 running on a monitor.

Photospace Gallery will be closed on ANZAC Day but open Saturday 26th April, 11am-4pm.

Alan, Audrey and the crew here look forward to seeing you on Friday 2nd May.

James Gilberd
Photospace Gallery
1st floor, 37 Courtenay Place, Wellington
T: 04 382 9502  M: 027 444 3899
Gallery hours: 10am to 4pm Mon-Fri, 11am to 4pm Sat
Closed Sundays and public holidays.


Alan Wylde - Common Cause exhibition


Audrey Periot - Bedroom Portraits

Book review: ‘A man walks out of a bar…’ Lucien Rizos

Peter Ireland’s S’KITE Blog is well worth visiting on a regular basis for reviews and articles principally relating to photography. Below is his comprehensive review of the 2011 publication A man walks out of a bar… by Lucien Rizos.

Of note also, is that this book was supported by PhotoForum Inc. and distributed to members as part of that year’s subscription entitlement.


Lucien Rizos,  A man walks out of a bar… Rim Books, Auckland, in association with PhotoForum Inc., 2011, with essays by Damian Skinner and Ian Wedde, $45.

When encountering an unknown name for the first time, legendary founding editor of the New Yorker, Harold Ross, used to ask “Who he?”. The same question might be asked of Lucien Rizos on the appearance of his first body of work between hard covers. His name appears in neither John B Turner & William Main’s 1993 New Zealand Photography from the 1840s to the present nor David Eggleton’s 2006  Into the Light: a history of New Zealand photography. But he’s been around for over thirty years, haunting the margins of the medium’s practice, a bit of a pioneer in terms of his approach to photography and film, a photographer’s photographer, with not much desire in him to hog any limelight. Pretty fatal these days when profile is at least fifty percent of the game.
Read the full review HERE


Online review of NZ photography books

The Landfall Review Online, edited by David Eggleton and published with the assistance of Creative New Zealand includes reviews on recent photography publications. In particular, this month (Sept 2011) features articles on four photography books:

  • Fiona Pardington: The Pressure of Sunlight Falling, edited by Kriselle Baker & Elizabeth Rankin (Otago University Press)
  • Bold Centuries: A Photographic History Album,  by Haruhiko Sameshima (Rim Books)
  • Alan Miller – New Zealand Photographs, by Alan Miller (Anglesea House)
  • A Man Walks Out Of A Bar…, by Lucien Rizos (Rim Books)
Also, reviewed (in April) was Brian Brake: Lens on the World, edited by Athol McCredie (Te Papa Press).